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Genuine Wooden Toys

Wooden Chocolate Cake Set



Birthdays are very amazing times. Not only do you move up the ladder of life, but also get your hands on a cake that is entirely yours! Now, if you are a parent whose child is always waiting for the birthday to come then buy him the Birthday Cake Wooden set! This is a highly decorated birthday set that will surely provide your child with all the birthday excitement whenever he wants. And don’t worry about the safety issues, this is a wooden set. Furthermore, it is as easy as it gets! Even the youngest children can benefit from this exciting toy  Now education feels like a party!

Important Features

·       High quality material

·       Fully interactive design

·       For ages 3 and above

·       Ensured learning experience

·       Montessori educational module

·       Comes with eye-catching designs and a toy knife for cutting the cake


Package Size: 24cm x 24cm x 12cm