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Miniature Speeding Car Toy

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Now race your cars down the track with this Miniature Speeding Car Toy. It comes with a track and  cars. It is a toy that allows little children to understand the working interactive elements. So, it marks itself as a young learning module that is used at the Montessori system of education. Now, you just  put the car on the track and the magic will occur! This is an amazing toy that enhances the grasping and movement abilities of the children. So, in addition to excitement, this toy also offers education and growth. So, why keep yourself from buying this educational and exciting toy?

Important Features

·       High quality wooden material

·       Gravity based racing, no complex machinery installed

·       Simple Mechanics 

·       Suitable for ages of 3 or above

·       Exciting, educational


Package Size: 29cm x 21cm x 6cm