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Educational Wooden Tool Project Workbench

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Now, get the perfect toolset for your young little builder. The Project Workbench Toy is there to take care of your little one as he learns the importance of the tools used in everyday life . The components of the set are so easy to handle that even a preschooler can use them efficiently. So, this makes this toy set an ideal tool for the raising the little builder in your family.

Grab this toy to enhance the logical understanding and problem-solving abilities of your child.

Important Features

·       High quality wood

·       Contains all the components of a good workbench

·       Nut combination enhances the understanding of using the tools

·       Best suited for the Montessori and preschool education

·       Suitable for ages 3 and above

·       Eco friendly


Package Size: 27cm x 22cm x 10cm