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Genuine Wooden Toys

Multifunctional Double Sided Drawing Board




Now, let your child say it all by using the children’s drawing board as a medium. This is convenient toy  makes the expressive abilities of the child stronger and the child more emotionally stable. It is a toy specifically designed to keep the mental health of your little kid in mind. It is a psychological development model that is very efficient to use in the Montessori approach of learning. This makes it one of the most efficient and convenient tools for meaningful play.

Important Features

·       Drawing and doodling is now more fun

·       Aesthetic and psychological development enhancement 

·       Montessori educational module

·       Helps the child in expressions

·       For ages 3 and above

·       Comes along with a backboard, where badges can be put and interesting graphics can be shown

·       Contains all the necessary elements of a drawing board. Numeric and symbolic tags are also included

Japanese Language on box




Product Size: 50cm x 40cm x 10cm