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Wooden Medicine Cabinet Toy set



Now raising up that perfect doctor will no longer be an issue, thanks to the Wooden Medicine Cabinet Toy set! It contains all the necessary components to bring the best doctor out of your child. Not only is this toy set educational, but also brings about the basics of learning about hygiene and health. This set is suitable for toddler and up. Great toy for self-guided learned and independent play that will spur your child's young imaginative mind. 

Important Features

·       Suitable for both boys and girls

·       Educational insight encouraged play

·       High quality woode

·       All necessary medical tools included

·       Bag to keep all the set in one place included

·       Inclusion of charts and cards etc. to enhance the grooming of the child

·       For ages 3 or older

Japanese language on charts and some materials


Package Size: 27cm * 20cm * 10cm