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Genuine Wooden Toys

Multipurpose Wooden Study Box with Magnetic Components



This is another great tool for enhancing learning of your child. This learning set included a drawing board, some writing material, a duster and lots of numeric and symbolic badges.  Aesthetic developmental tool that prepares the young individual to have a jump start towards basic mathematics. It is a tool that is widely used in the education systems in order to teach  children the importance of independent learning. Hence, it is a tool that has a playful, yet constructive approach.

Important Features



·       Board helps in the writing and expression of the child

·       Numeric and symbolic badges transform the drawing board into an illustration board

·       Creatively crafted elements and designed

·       Most suitable for the aesthetic development of a child while implementing a Montessori educational approach

·       For ages 2 to 4 years





Product Size: 31cm x 24cm x 5cm