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Wooden Blocks Shape Sorting Intellectual Toy

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If you are someone who likes to have a quality learning devices in  Montessori level of education then you are just in the right place. We bring you the Wooden Blocks Shape Sorting Intellectual toy that will definitely help a lot in the raising of your baby. With this toy,  children can recognize to learn the nature of the shape and manipulate it even without the presence of  sight. This tool highly increases the abilities of children and programs their brain to excel!

Now this is one intelligent choice.

Important Features

·       Easy and intuitive  design

·       For ages of 3 or up

·       Enhances the sorting and building abilities of the child

·       Attractive block patterns and colors

·       Montessori educational toy 

·       High quality wood


Package Size: 15cm * 15cm * 15cm



What Others are Saying:

Thank you very much!!! super toy! made qualitatively, delivered quickly! inside 16 frames and inserts as processed and dyed figures! on the sides thick felt!!! my delight there is no limit!!!